Hygiene concept

The highest hygiene standards guarantee the safety of all passengers and employees.
Compliance with our hygiene regulations is a high priority for us and is checked regularly - because your health is important to us.



State-of-the-art draft-free air conditioning systems with powerful active particle filters and direct fresh air supply. The air in the passenger compartment is exchanged every 60 seconds.


Ozonos Aircleaner

We spare no effort and expense for your health! That is why all coaches in the BLAGUSS fleet are equipped with the Ozonos Aircleaner. This air purifier verifiably eliminates bacteria, viruses and germs and thus ensures an irritant-free interior in all coaches.



Ozonos eliminates pathogens - 99.9% in the air and 92% on surfaces. The use of Ozonos Aircleaner devices while driving is environmentally friendly and does not pose any health risks.* Ozonos thus ensures a lower risk of infection and increased safety in our coaches.

There are special stickers on our coaches that indicate the installation of the Ozonos Aircleaner. Thanks to these high-quality air purifiers, you can travel worry-free to your next excursion or holiday destination.

How does Ozonos do it?

With ozone O3, the third oxygen atom is only weakly bound to the other two. It therefore separates easily to combine with other substances. The weakly bound oxygen atom O is released to the molecule (oxidation). In this reaction, the partner molecule usually breaks down or changes its properties. The rest of the ozone, i.e. the molecular oxygen O2, remains as normal atmospheric oxygen.

A lot of proteins are built into the outer skin of germs, bacteria or fungi, viruses, spores, but also on the surface of many allergens (house dust mite excrement, animal hair). Ozone reacts with these proteins and destroys them. In the case of living organisms such as bacteria, viruses or fungi, this creates a hole in the outer shell. This usually leads to the death or rupture of the cell.

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent but has a very short lifespan. In the event of contact with odors, bacteria, germs, viruses or allergens, the extra oxygen atom completely eliminates them without leaving any residue.

What are the benefits of Ozonos?

  • Proven to be harmless to humans and animals
  • No radiation exposure outside the device
  • Germs are completely eliminated
  • Ozone output directly on the device
  • Ozone breaks down into oxygen very quickly
  • Environmentally friendly: Without any harmful nitrogen oxide residues

Further information on Ozonos

Would you like to take a closer look at the Ozonos Aircleaner? For more information, please visit the links and documents below:

* The effectiveness and harmlessness of the Ozonos system has been confirmed and certified by independent German hygiene institutes and TÜV SÜD.